Donika Skanderbeg in the Royal Monastery of the Holy Trinity of Valencia

The wife of the great Albanian national hero and scourge of the Ottomans, Gjergj Kastrioti, will come to our reign after his stay in the court of Naples and will bring with her a child, Alonso, who died at a young age in a brawl not far from the Royal Monastery of the Holy Trinity. Donika Skanderbeg will bring to this house the icon of the Virgin of the Refuge of Sinners and will be buried at his feet, somewhere near the current location of the painting.

Since the original Gothic church was covered with the current baroque covering, there is no visible tombstone, although we know that the painting is very close to its original location. At the moment we are doing research in the church in collaboration with the university institutions of Valencia and it is planned ahead the application of detection systems that allow us to determine the exact location of this and other niches that are located in the building.